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Cold Water Swimming, Doing something different during Lockdown

Well, no vanity or ego here, this is how I look at 6.30am on a cold beach in the North West of England (not as grim as you may think).

I have asthma and another lung condition, it does not stop me doing anything but I used to have to think ahead carefully sometimes.

Some of our most successful Olympic swimmers – including four-time Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington – are asthmatics and it has never stopped them, what I did not realise was just how radical the change for me would be swimming in cold water, watch the video to see how cold!

I used to use my inhaler about 3/4/5 times a day, since I started cold water swimming and using breathing exercises as advocated by Joel Jelen and #wimhof my use of the inhaler has dropped to about once a week.

Joel Jelen, Breathern is a teacher of the #buteyko method and has told me for some time how it can massively help and reduce the symptoms and now I am experiencing it, I can attest to the power of his breathing training. Not out of breath, bigger lung capacity - at last asthma check, I blew the measuring device to the very top, the nurse said she had never seen that done before.

Could you do some cold water swimming and breathing exercises to help you mentally and physically?

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