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2022, New Year, New Opportunity, Similar Threats

Levels of #depression and #anxiety rose sharply over December in the UK, especially among young adults, reaching similar levels to lockdown at the start of 2021.

The new survey also found a drop in reported life satisfaction and #happiness, with them both reaching their lowest levels since March 2021.

THIS IS NOT OVER YET, the effects for all of us of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. This is the time to invest in mental health training and awareness, this is the time to build your own knowledge to help protect yourself and others, colleagues, family, community.

86% of respondents reported that their experiences and behaviours had been different over the Christmas period compared to typical Christmases, such as staying at home more, changing travel plans, meeting up with fewer people, shopping online rather than in-store, avoiding large gatherings, and making fewer plans. Younger adults (aged 18-29) reported the fewest differences to usual compared to older adults.

We are moving through and we will emerge but the question is how will we emerge?

Will we learn from our experience, will we become stronger and more resilient because of it or will we remain unchanged, bouncing from reaction to reaction?

What is a positive learning about your self from the last 2 years?

Below is a picture of me practicing being in the moment and seeking happoiness where I find it.

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