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The Hard Way

There are always 2 paths in life, we are faced with these significant choices at several points in our lives.

The choice is always the same, the easy way or the hard way.

We may as well accept it because the learning from thousands of years, as reported by the great thinkers is, the hard way is always better and will have increased results.

A good example from today is this; you decide not to get a father's Day present and you say you will come swimming as the present.

This is the easy way - at the time.

Then it gets to the day, the weather isn't great, there has been thunder and a rainstorm so the marine lake has had a top up of cold rainwater.

You get the shout, time to go lads, get your shorts on.

You drag yourself out of bed, make all of the excuses your sleep addled brain can muster and gradually move into acceptance offering to buy as many presents today as possible instead of going.

Unfortunately, you chose the easy route, and now the consequences for your actions are that you have to go cold water swimming!!!

What we find is that the easy way always results in harder consequences.

Choosing the harder way by definition is always an increased level of difficulty, sometimes a ridiculous level of difficulty, but as long as it's not impossible, overcoming it will result in greater rewards, such as remaining in bed until midday on a Saturday.

Well done lads, I am so proud that you accepted your consequences for choosing the easy way months ago and 'enjoyed' today.

An 11 minute dip in the cold water this morning, finding the warm water parts and being amazed by it is all I ever want.

11 minutes cold exposure is all you need on average every week to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, get a massive shot of dopamine and serotonin and drastically lower your cortisol (the stress chemical). It helps your gut health as the amazing Margaret Bell can tell you and reduces inflammation in all parts of your body.

What hard choices are you making right now?

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