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Do Something Different

This week, I was hit with something, just a passing virus but it certainly felt bad enough for 48 hours, just made it through the first day then slept.

Last night, felt a bit better so I had two choices, do what I have done before, sleep in, recharge or go swimming in cold sea water...

I chose the latter.

Warming up now, porridge and tea in me and I feel alive!

If you want to achieve the same results, if you are doing absolutely great then don't change anything, give yourself a huge pat on the back.

if you want to change your results then you HAVE to change something about you.

The mantra I live by is, do something different.

it's not complicated, don't overthink it, you don't have to swim in cold water or take cold showers but if you do you will get different benefits.

The same with each part of your life, just do something different and see want results you get.

#coldwaterswimming gives me physical and mental benefits.

What benefits?

* • Increased metabolism

‘When you swim outdoors, your body has to work hard simply to stay warm,’ explains McCormick. ‘Consequently, you burn more calories. The colder the water, the harder your body works to convert fat to energy. When this is coupled with your swim workout, the calorie burn can be increased significantly.’

• Better circulation

‘When we jump into cold water, the extreme change in temperature signals to our heart to pump more blood to our organs,’ says McCormick. ‘As a result, circulation is improved, and toxins are more readily flushed out of our system, which leads to clearer skin and a healthy glow.’

• Reduction of stress and enhanced mood

‘It’s widely known that any exercise helps increase the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins, which improve our mood and help to tackle stress and anxiety,’ says McCormick.

‘The rhythmic motion of swimming can help any stressful feelings dissipate, as you focus on your body’s movement,' she adds. 'It is almost an exercise in mindful meditation, as you glide through the water. Furthermore, when you immerse yourself in cold water, you feel a stinging sensation on your skin, which your body combats by producing yet more endorphins, which produce a feeling of elation once you get out.’

• Better sleep

‘If you take to the open water regularly, you will find that your sleep is improved,’ reveals McCormick. ‘This is because cold water stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body rest and repair itself. This promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm, which should then result in a better night’s sleep.’

• Boosted immune system

‘On regularly immersing yourself in cold water, you will experience something called cold water shock,’ McCormick explains (more on that later). ‘This shock can kick-start the immune system, helping to produce more white blood cells and antioxidants, which are proven to boost your immune system and reduce various illnesses, from thecommon cold to heart disease.’

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