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Last week, I had one conversation that froze me in my tracks. I am used to having incredibly personal conversations as part of my role as a mental health first aider and MHFA trainer but suicide is (rightfully) still shocking to discuss.

While I was talking with a person as part of my remote wellbeing sessions for an organisation, I heard some words that made me explore deeper, the person I was talking with said that they had had suicidal thoughts recently and then went onto say that their partner had recently attempted it and they had discussed a mutual pact one evening.

Inside my systems were going between shock, excitement and calm to have normal conversation we do when we discuss people's thoughts.

The result was that professional help was sought immediately and the person is being supported through this time right now.

This is why I do what I do, I did not become a MHFA trainer to make money or to build a business, I became a #MHFA trainer to ensure I and more people can have these conversations and help people receive help and support when they absolutely need it.

Would you know what to do, how to do it if a friend or colleague mentioned something to you about suicidal thoughts?

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