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Why is mental health awareness at work so important?

As awareness around mental health continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly important for workplaces to ensure that they have the resources and knowledge to support their employees' wellbeing. One such resource that has been gaining popularity in the UK is Mental Health First Aid training.

Mental Health First Aid training is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to support someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. By training employees in Mental Health First Aid, workplaces are better able to create a culture of support and understanding around mental health.

Research has shown that MHFA training can be highly effective in UK workplaces.

According to a study by Mental Health First Aid England, 88% of participants who took the training reported an increase in their understanding of mental health, and 87% felt more confident in supporting someone who was experiencing a mental health issue.

Furthermore, #MentalHealthFirstAid training has been shown to have a positive impact on workplace culture. By encouraging open conversations around mental health, workplaces are better able to create an environment where employees feel supported and valued.

If you're looking to support your employees' mental health and create a positive workplace culture, then Mental Health First Aid training may be the right step for you. Not only will it help you to better support your employees, but it will also demonstrate your commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace.

Research studies provide strong evidence that companies with high levels of mental health awareness are more successful. According to research by University of Warwick, addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity by up to 12%. And, as reported in the government’s Stevenson-Farmer Review of Mental Health and Employers in 2017, businesses that invest in mental health interventions report an average of £4.20 return for each pound spent.

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